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Minisaving - About Us

  • Who are we

    We are an outstanding firm in the Information and communication Technology sector which have rooted history into the Esusu and trift saving Business in Nigeria and Abroad. Our overal experiences and vast knowledge of the Challenges and threat that the esusu platform have been facing for years is what we have put together in one piece to make life much more easier and the availability of Financial Inclusion a reality.

  • Our Vision

    We envision to become a cutting edge Financial technology company offering safe and accessible Financial products and Services thereby Impacting lifes.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission still lays in the Core reasons of our Existence which is to make Financial Inclusion accessible to all.

  • Support

    First in class Customer Care Support and assistance is what we envision to sustain as our core ethics here at Minisaving and we have promised to work constantly to maintain this ethics and culture.