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Get to know how Minisaving will Automate your Esusu Managemnet with ease, anytime, anyday with 100% Security Guranteed!

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Minisaving - Features

  • Financial Inclusion Made Possible

    Minisaving is a daily saving platform designed for Petty traders, Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises which allows you to save from your daily sales. With the Provision of our Third Party Intelligent Stock Keeping Unit system, your Clients will never have to wait for you to come over for them to initiate their savings, all they have to do is get a Pin worth the denomination they intend to save for such day, SMS the Pin and the Money is saved. Savings is now possible through APPs, SMS, Call and of course the Web. You can assign Pins to each of your Branches or staffs or a third party and make them control the entire distribution work while Minisaving handles the rest.

  • Advanced Security

    The Minisaving Platform has been built with Security in mind closing every possible Loopholes that could expose your Business to possible vulnurabilities and Threats either online or offline. With a two way Security Implementation and a Dynamic System Tracking facility, you can track every bit of the events and actions taken place on the Account.

  • Client and Staff Management

    A Complete managemnet and tracking of all your Clients, Merchants and Staffs has been provided so you don't have to bother to know who saved what and when will his savings due. You can track all your Clients from a to z knowing their Saving Cycles and the Total Savings for each day, down to each Months of the year.

  • Instant, Automated Alerts and Notifications via SMS

    With Minisaving you can now Automate the process of managing your Esusu Business with ease giving your Clients a Safer and easier way to save anyday, anytime. Your Clients will receive an Instant savings alert whenever they initiate a savings on either of the four available channels of savings.

  • 100% Customer Care with a 24/7 Helpline

    Your use of the Platform Gurantees you of a 24/7 Online Helpline and support from your Clients anyday, anytime, through the years we have curated a database of possible challenges that they may run into at any given point in time and with our first class Customer Care Center we can rest assure you that your can run your Business with precision all the way.

  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Access

    The Platform have been developed in such a way that you can now manage your Business on any device even on a Mobile Phone on the go, you can be with your Business.

     Minisaving via SMS

 Minisaving Admin Dashboard
 Minisaving Client Dashboard

Why Minisaving is different

Works on any device anywhere

The Minisaving Platform have been designed with scalability in mind to make sure that all Devices are supported and can easily have access to the site. Minisaving has also released Mobile Apps for Android and the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phone version are on their way.

Why should I trust Minisaving

Minisaving does not retain your Money, all your savings are been logged with each of the reputable Banks or Microfinance Banks across the Country and the Platform only serve as the Innovation which brings in the Simplicity and accessibility that you need.

If I have Issues where do I go

With the Customer Centric mindset we engraved, we have created multiple channels to solve your issues and challenges ranging from a Support Ticket system, a Live Chat, a Phone contact, Email and diverse other mediums, with all these channels, you can't be stranded a moment again.

Multiple Secure Saving Channels

With Minisaving, you are rest assured of the highest order of Financial Inclusion irrespective of your Location or class with diverse channels of saving, ranging from SMS, Apps, Calls and Web of course.