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Minicontact - For Professionals

  • What is Minicontact

    Minicontact is a Skill Promotion Platform for Handymen, Artisans and Professionals which allows them to expose their Expertise to potential Clients who in turn contacts and hire them.

  • How does it Benefit me

    The Minicontact Platform will connect you to millions of Households across the Country who are in need of your service or expertise through your Mobile phone via SMS or a call. At the comfort of your home, office or workshop, minicontact will expose you to clients who never knew you existed.

  • Who is it for

    Minicontact is actually for every Individual who possesses one skill or the other in every industry possible, both Skillful and Unskillful Labour E.g: Carpenter, Electrician, bricklayer, Cobbler, Web Designers, Barbers, Lawyers, Teachers, Architects, Surveyors, Make-up Artist, Home Tutors etc.

  • How much does it cost to Register

    Registration cost ₦350 and does not incur any additional cost whatsoever. This is a One Time Registration Fee. You can register for Minicontact here.

Why Minicontact is different

It's Accessible

The Minicontact Platform is accessible to everyone both Online and offline and you can still be contacted and hired with or without access to the Internet.

It's cheap & Cost Effective

Your use of the Minicontact Platform and the Profit you make in all jobs you do all belongs to you, the platform only chage you a One Time Registration fee of ₦350 and after that you own all revenues made from your sales.

Security and Trust

The Platform have been built in such a way that Bad Service providers will be rated poorly for other clients who comes by not to use them while the good and customer centric ones will always win the job.


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