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Minimarket - Your Local Market

  • What is Minimarket

    Minimarket is an online eCommerce Platform designed for Petty traders, Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises which allows them to promote and sell their Products online with or without the internet through the help of our 2-Way SMS Technology which handles Orders, Payments and Delivery.

  • How can it benefit my Business

    As a Petty Trader still using the Traditional brick and Mortar Business approach, you are going to loss sales from the emerging online world if you don't migrate as soon as possible. Minimarket will help you expose your Products online without a cost of setting up a server or paying for payment processing and all these can be achieved with or without the Internet as all you need is send your product online, relax and make delivery as you are been notified of orders.

  • Who is it for

    Minimarket is virtually for everyone but specifically for Petty traders selling one Products or the other on every Street across the Country. Ranging from a provision shop seller down to a Food stuff seller even to the super Store seller, it all applies to everyone selling Goods.

  • How Much does it cost to use this Platform

    It's totally FREE to register and upload your product to the platform but you will be charge a tiny commission for Payment processing and other little cost whenever you make sales but Believe us the cost won't break your Bank rather will increase your Sales and add more value to your Business.

Why Minimarket is different

With or without the Internet

With Minimarket you can still join the fleets of people doing Business online without any worries of paying of Internet Connectivity or promoting your Products, all you need do is a One Time product upload which can be done for you by our Team and the rest is sales and Delivery all the way.

Cost Effective Commission Structure

You will only pay a Fraction of what you earn as a profit from your sales and the rest still goes back to you and secondly we won't charge you a dime until you make a sale.

Everyone is Accepted

No one is left out from the participation and no one's product is too small or substandard as not to appear on the market, it's a mareket for all, both in the Auto Industry down to the Food Stuff sector.


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